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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update Nuffnang: Trafik, Keyword Dan Buffered Earning

Salam ahad 10/10/10...wah no btuah tu...hehe.
Hari ni, nk cerita psl Nuffnang trafik, keyword dan buffered earning.
Tk de yg menarik sgt tp sj je nk post sst kat sini hari ni.
Dr hari tu nk post, tp pic tk keluar2..payah btl...hehehe.

Ok, first cerita psl buffered earning.
Ada 5 buffered earning yg tgh aktif dan tk lama lg bakal jd metered earning.
Brp jumlah income dpt dr campaign buffered earning ni...biarlah rahsia.
Hehehe.....sbenarnya tklah byk sgt pun...siput je.

Knp sy cakap mcm tu, sbb...tgk je analisis trafik blog saya ni.

Tak sampai seratus org pun yg bkunjung ke blog ni.
Tp syukurlah dpt buffered earning juga.
Dr tk de lsg...btl tak??

Bcerita psl keyword blog ni pula.
Lebih tertumpu pd keyword 'salad buah'.
Sedap tu...yg lain2 keyword, biasa je.

Hope dihari2 mdtg makin mantap blog ni.
Mn taukan........hehehe.
The end...tu je ceritanye.


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